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Lars Oskan-Henriksens tale til Five Eyes Pride

Wilfred Gachau



Lars Oskan-Henriksen
Politisk forperson for Copenhagen Pride



Østerbro, København


Five Eyes Pride receptionen blev holdt med fælles værtsskab af den australske, britiske, new zealandske, canadiske og amerikanske ambassadører.


Your Excellences – dear all
On behalf of Copenhagen Pride I want to thank the organizing embassies of Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States and Australia for inviting us today on the occasion of Copenhagen Pride Week 2023. This year we celebrate under the motto of Come together and what better symbol of the aspiration of bringing together forces for good from across the globe and from all corners of our societies than the invitation to meet this Afternoon. 
The world seems to be at an impasse. A place in history, where we are compelled to decide, if we are on the side of the values and human rights that have since the end of the second world war united us in the commitment, to never againpermit atrocities like those of the holocaust to happen or if we will give in to the rise in fascist, racist, homo- and transphobic policies that we see across the globe. 
I believe, that we, who are in this room, are in agreement of where we stand and also where we see the roles of our respective countries in the effort to protect the universal human rights for all. Therefore our common aspirations should also remind us, that when we come together as we do today and walk together in pride marches, we do it not only to congratulate each other on our achievements, but more importantly with a common oath to hold each other accountable. To expect a high standard of commitment and dedication to upholding the promise, we made to each other in Paris in 1948, that never again should a holocaust be possible and from this day forward every human being was afforded unalienable and unviolable rights. With no exceptions and no provisions. They were universal and afforded to all simply because of our humanity.  
We also this year celebrate the 75th anniversary of LGBT+ Denmark. The World’s 2nd oldest existing LGBT+ organization. Formed partly in response to sexual orientation and gender identity being left out of the Declaration adopted in Paris in that same year, but also and relentlessly since, to insist on the humanity of LGBTI+ folks and that as a consequence, we must enjoy the same rights as everybody else.  
I am excited to stand here with you today to herald the opening of Copenhagen Pride Week 2023. Thank you for Coming Together with us again this year. I wish you a great festival and look forward to seeing you and marching alongside you – on the 19th and in years to come.  
Happy Copenhagen Pride week 2023. 



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