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Kerin Ayyalarajus tale til Five Eyes Pride

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade



Kerin Ayyalaraju
Australsk ambassadør i Danmark, Norge & Island



Østerbro, København


Five Eyes Pride receptionen blev holdt med fælles værtsskab af den australske, britiske, new zealandske, canadiske og amerikanske ambassadører


Good afternoon everyone and thank you so much for coming today to Celebrate Copenhagen Pride.  
Hopefully some of you were able to attend World Pride in Sydney earlier this year, the first World Pride to be held in the southern hemisphere!  And where our Prime Minister also marched.  
As you know, I’m co-hosting this afternoon with the Five Eyes Embassies and so I welcome you all here on their behalf – 
-       US Ambassador Alan Leventhal 
-       British Ambassador Emma Hopkins
-       Canadian Deputy Anna Bretzlaff, and 
-       New Zealand Deputy Claire Shirley.
We’re all here to recognise the importance of LGBTQIA+ rights and our ongoing pursuit of a more just and inclusive world. 
The LGBTQIA+ community continues to face multiple forms of discrimination, inequality and violence, and our five governments are committed to pushing for an inclusive global community.
In international relations, we often hear people say that we have no choice but to deal with the world as it is.  
Our governments agree that that’s not enough.  
Our job is to deal with the world as it is, and do what we can to shape it for the better.    
We know there is reason for hope – hope for change, hope for better.              
We've seen this in our five countries, which over many decades have worked to remove discrimination against LGBTQIA+ people.
In many parts of the world there has been heartening progress.
Since 2012, thirteen countries have decriminalised homosexuality. 
This progress is driven by you - individuals and organisations like yours gathered here.
It’s the result of your tireless efforts to advance tolerance, diversity, equality and social justice.
But there’s still more to do.  
Our five governments understand that to act meaningfully, we must act in support of those on the ground.
We listen to the voices and priorities of LGBTQIA+ human rights defenders and civil society.
Because those voices best understand the challenges and opportunities they face.  
We offer practical support through programs with funding, and diplomatic support through multilateral institutions.  
We all advocate for our firm belief that human rights are universal and that all individuals are entitled to respect, dignity and legal protection.  
Thank you for coming to celebrate Copenhagen Pride with us, please enjoy the food prepared with Australian indigenous ingredients by Australian Chef Joel Bird.  
We wish you all a wonderful Pride Week and hope to see you at the Pride Parade tomorrow!



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