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Emmanuel Macrons tale til Moderaterne årsmøde

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Emmanuel Macron
Frankrigs præsident





Macron sendte en videohilsen til Lars Løkke og Moderaterne til sidst i programmet. 


Hello Lars.
Hello the Moderates.
I just wanted to share a few words with you today. I know this is a very important day for you in Denmark, but for the whole Europe.
Few years ago we worked hand in hand with Lars for our Europe. 
And I had the great pleasure to find him back in the game with the Moderates [a] few months ago in a Renew-meeting in Europe.
And you will have a very important role to play for the next European elections.
I think we delivered a lot of reforms for our Europe during the past few years; during COVID time and the first years of war in Ukraine.
But now – the 9th of June this year – we will have, probably, the most important European elections of our common history.
We will have to shape and frame our Europe for the years to come. 
In a period of time where we will have to face the Russian aggression in Ukraine and build a European defence and a new architecture of security for all of us.
We will have to face huge technological change with artificial intelligent with a rush for investment and innovation, in order to be in the race with the US, China and so many powers. 
And we will have to face with climate change and huge transformations we will have to implement in our continent – sometimes with lot of tensions [and] anxieties –, but in order to build the progress.
I do believe the Moderates, Renew Group, and all those who want to work with us, have a very important role to play for the years to come.
We do believe in our security without any concision regarding the aggression.
We do want a stronger Europe, a more sovereign Europe, building its strategic autonomy. 
And we do believe in progress. Meaning we do believe in a Europe with better technology, more decarbonized, and creating jobs in order to finance our social models.
These values are the ones we share.
[That] the values of energy, the belief in Europe, the willingness to transform this Europe for a better future, is our unity.
So, I know how much Denmark is transforming itself. And I know how much you all is very important.
You can count on my support. I’m with you today. And I continue.
I hope you will have a great success for the next European election, so, bonne chance, the Moderates, and let’s work together.
I hope to see you soon. In Brussels, Copenhagen or Paris.
Bye bye Lars.