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Zlatko Burićs tale ved modtagelsen af prisen for bedste mandlige skuespiller ved European Film Award

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Zlatko Burić



Harpan, Reykjavik, Island


Zlatko Buric modtog prisen for bedste mandelige skuespiller for sin rolle i Ruben Östlunds Triangle of Sadness (2022).


Oh, thank you so much.  
I don't know what to say.  
My heart is jumping and I [uhørbart] 
But I'm really happy and I tried my best for many years and it's nice to have this [refererer til prisen] now.  
I feel like wow.  
But must not stop there.  
That's it's a good wish.  
Thank you so much for that.  
Yeah, and I will say the thing for this wonderful group yeah in The Triangle of Sadness where we made actors and the crew and all these nice people and Ruben and they gave me so much power that I came to this [referer til prisen], you know. 
And when I think about it, like when you acting you know you have so much feeling [uhørbart] and all these thing when you...  
It's a long run and I feel I will say thanks for all my friends when we start to play theatre in Yugoslavia and all these films. 
What we do and everything is, I really believe in the collective work.  
And I must say thanks for my beautiful wife and family and children who support me and were not angry when I were on the long, long trip there. 
Thank you so much. 



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