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Thomas Vinterbergs tale ved modtagelsen af BAFTA-prisen

Anders Overgaard



Thomas Vinterberg
Filminstruktør og manuskripforfatter




Op til optagelserne til Druk dør Thomas Vinterbergs nittenårige datter Ida i en trafikulykke i Belgien. Filmen er dedikeret til hende.
På grund af coronapandemien var Thomas Vinterberg ikke til stede ved selve BAFTA-awardshowet i Storbritannien. I stedet blev hans tale transmitteret fra Danmark.



Wow. Thank you. 
I would like to thank the BAFTA-voters for this, it’s fantastic, wow. 
I did have a small suspicion, that you brits might like a movie about drinking. 
But I’m very honored by this appreciation, and I thank you dearly. 
And I want to thank my wife, she’s somewhere here, and I my daughter, and my other children. 
And of course, I want to thank the cast, Mads Mikkelsen – who’s not with us here tonight, Magnus Millang, Thomas Bo Larsen is here – bravo Thomas! 
Lars Ranthe, Susse Wold is here with us, the rest of the brilliant cast, who gave me their hearts and devoted themselves. 
I want to certainly thank Casper, Sisse, Peter, all of the producers from Zentropa, Christina, you showed your strength and devotion and your heart throughout the crew. 
Sturla, Aslak all the swedish people, Emil, Emil. Anne og Janus. Anne Østerud.  The editors, who understood this situation and this film on a deep level. With your excellence, you elevated this film into something that I love dearly. 
I want to thank my dear friend Tobias Lindholm, who worked on this since 2013. 
Tobias you’re conquering America right now, shooting tomorrow, first day. 
I wish you luck with that, but I miss you back here, and I hope our journey can continue later. 
Samuel Goldwyn, Bob Walker, Bumble Ward, Jessica Seisse, Christina, Cinetic.
Thanks to Studio Canal, DFI, Film i Väst, all of you. Fantastic.
But finally, of course – and most importantly. 
I want to thank my daughter, Ida, who is no longer here. 
She was more enthusiastic about this project, than anyone else has ever been, and it made her miss her hometown Copenhagen. 
And now we miss her, and we made this movie for her. 
So the honor granted by you, BAFTA voters, means more to us, than you could ever imagine. 
Thank you once again.
Thank you. 



Transkriberet af Danske Taler