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Susanne Biers tale ved modtagelsen af European Achievement in World Cinema Prisen

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Susanne Bier
Filminstruktør og prismodtager





Prisen European Achievement in World Cinema Award gives til personer, som har ydet noget særligt indenfor europæisk filmkunst. Prisen er en af i alt 26 priser, der bliver uddelt af European Film Academy, som tæller 4100 filmfolk.



Thank you Vinca, thank you for the lovely beautiful words and thank you so much for this award. 
I honestly, and this is said with any sort of fake anything, I honestly thought, when I got the letter about about this award, that it was a mistake. 
And so I very very fast responded, thinking if I respond fast enough, they can’t pull it back even if it is a mistake. 
And they didn’t, and I don’t know why this means so much, or I do, but it means a lot. 
It means coming back to Europe, it also means a lot being in Berlin. And my father was born here, and my parents were gonna come with me, but with the covid and everything it didn’t work out.

But most of all having this event, having this real life event, is such a proof of the resilience and the strength of european cinema, that it just feels like such an amazing honor and such a joy to be given this award, and I wanna thank everybody, and I wanna thank Vinca, and I wanna just convey how amazingly happy and grateful I am for this. Thank you so much. 

And I haven’t, sorry, I just need to thank all the people who I worked with through all the years, who has enabled this. 
We all think that the director is the one who is the visionary, but in fact it's the crew, it's everybody who has enabled us to do what we do. 
Thank you so much. 



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