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Mykhailo Vydoinyks tale ved gudstjenesten på årsdagen for invasionen af Ukraine



Mykhailo Vydoinyk
Ukraines ambassadør i Danmark



Holmens Kirke, København


Your Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik,
Your Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary,
Dear Mister Speaker,
Dear Madam Prime Minister,
Dear Members of the Government and Folketing,
Your Eminences,
Your Excellencies,
Dear Ukrainians,
A year ago, a great war broke into the lives of Ukrainians. The Russian aggressor brought unspeakable pain, suffering and evil to our land. Absolute evil and inhuman cruelty.
All this time, Ukrainian society has been looking for answers to numerous questions from God. How to get through the challenges of war and not lose faith? How not to be disappointed and not lose spirit? How to overcome hatred in oneself and resist evil courageously and invincibly?
We have asked ourselves every day what should be done to end this tragedy. And we realized that we cannot allow feelings of fear and shock to transform into confusion and apathy.
We must fight if we want to live. We must stand up under any circumstances. We have no right to be tired, as we need strength not only to survive and win, but also to be reborn afterwards.
Ukrainian society rallied and rose to defend its Motherland. All Ukrainians were united with the idea that we are not slaves, but free people on our land.
All of us felt our new calling in the family, society, and state. We realized our sacred duty – to protect our homeland. Not everyone is able to do it with weapons in their hands, but it turned out that there are many ways to help Ukraine.
Now, our military understands that they protect Ukraine not only by their own efforts. Behind them stands the entire multi-million people, a united great force!
And also, the strength of our foreign friends who help Ukraine with weapons, humanitarian aid and financial support. The strength of the entire free civilized world, united with Ukraine in our joint fight for peace and common security.
Among our friends there is Denmark – a small country with a very big heart!

We will never forget all that you have done and continue to do for us.
When, in the first days of the war, Ukrainian flags flew all over Denmark as a sign of solidarity with Ukraine. And when the Danes opened the doors of their homes and their hearts to thousands of Ukrainian families.
An active volunteer movement that helps Ukrainian displaced persons. Endless Danish trucks bringing food and medicines to Ukraine.
Strong financial support of our state. Adoption of effective sanctions against Russia. Support of Ukraine in the international arena. Granting Ukraine EU candidate status.
Denmark’s leading role in the reconstruction of Mykolaiv. Restoration of water supply in the city using Danish technologies. Providing Ukrainians with heat and electricity.
Weapons. Your Caesars and Leopards will soon change the situation at the front. The International Fund for Ukraine created in Copenhagen by a coalition of partner nations.
You treat our soldiers, teach our children in schools, and provide all the necessary assistance to open the Ukrainian House in Denmark.
This list goes on and on. No words are enough to fully express the gratitude of Ukrainians to our Danish friends. Thank you for your generosity and kindness. Thank you for being with us!
Today, all of us, as Christians, replenish our spiritual strength in prayer. We remember all our military heroes, brave men and women who gave the most precious thing, their lives. We remember all the civilians, all the innocent children who died in this bloody war.
We ask that God’s wisdom reign over human madness. We ask that God gives us the opportunity to protect peace and defeat the evil that has come to our land. We ask that God strengthens our faith, faith in the triumph of international law and justice.
Tak fordi du støtter Ukraine!
Ære til Danmark! Slava Ukraini!



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