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Mykhailo Vydoinyks tale ved demonstration ved den russiske ambassade



Mykhailo Vydoinyk
Ukraines ambassadør i Danmark



Kristianiagade, København


Thank you, Madam Prime Minister, for your strong speech.
Thank you for your personal support of Ukraine in our fight against the Russian invader.
I also want to thank the Folketing, all the Danish political forces present here, who unanimously support our state. We feel this support. The Ukrainian people know that Denmark is our friend, who stands together with us against tyranny, injustice and terror.
I want to thank everyone who came to this rally today to show their support for Ukraine.
The bond between our peoples is getting stronger. We are already speaking with one voice. Because we share the same values. We strive to live in a world in which international law is inviolable.
For a year now, Ukraine has been at war against the Russian invader. Ukraine survived, our people thoroughly repelled the enemy. But I will be honest, it has been a very difficult year. The most difficult in our recent history.
The whole world saw that Russia does not comply with the laws and customs of war. The Russian military acts like terrorists. Having no advantage on the battlefield, they daily bomb Ukrainian cities, kill Ukrainian civilians and destroy civilian infrastructure.
The Russian aggressor was sure that it can get away with anything. But this is not true. Right now, international mechanisms are being created that will make it possible to bring to justice everyone who was involved in this war. From an ordinary soldier to the commander who gave the order. From army officials to the Russian president. No one will escape accountability!
Of course, the war is not over yet. No one can say when it will end. But we know the recipe for victory.
First, it is the will, courage and strength of the Ukrainian army. Resilience, heroism and motivation of all Ukrainians. We cannot be defeated! As our great poet Taras Shevchenko said, God helps us in our fight! For fame and freedom march with us, And right is on our side!
Second, it is the unwavering coordinated support of the entire civilized democratic world. Your support.
We will never forget what you do for us. How you donate weapons so much necessary for us, support sanctions, provide humanitarian aid and financial assistance. How you help Ukrainians who find themselves without electricity, heat, water, or without any means of subsistence at all. How warmly you received Ukrainian women and children in Denmark.
I have no words to express my gratitude to you. This is what has united and will unite our nations forever.
And the aggressor, near whose embassy we gathered here, turned out to be not so terrible as he was presented. The devil is not as black as he is painted.
For a long time, Putin and his henchman told the whole world that their king had the second strongest army in the world. But the Armed Forces of Ukraine proved that the king “hasn’t got anything on”. “Men han har jo ikke noget på”.
I am addressing the Danish Prime Minister and the representatives of all Danish parties present here. I really appreciate that you came to realize what the war between Ukraine and Russia is. This is a fight between good and evil.
What will be the result of this fight depends on all of us. If we continue to do everything possible so that the Russian aggressor falls defeated, then peace, prosperity and progress will flourish in Europe.
If the world gets tired and starts flirting with the Putin’s regime or falls victim to the Stockholm Syndrome, then it will be harder for us to topple the Russian colossus with feet of clay.
Thanks again for being with us! Once again, I urge you not to forget for a moment that this war will determine the further fate and future of Europe.
And personally for the employees of the Russian embassy, I want to say the following. A year ago, we Ukrainians still believed that Russian society was capable of changing something. Now we have finally understood: this will not happen, because you are slaves.
You strongly support this war. Moreover, you do not feel guilty even when your military commits the most heinous crimes. You behave like pathological criminals, endorsing the robbery, murder and rape of innocent people.
Dialogue with a murderer and a terrorist is impossible. Only when you truly understand what disaster you have brought to the Ukrainian land. Only when you repent, realize your crimes, and compensate for all damages. Only then can we talk with you.
And now the war is going on. The war that has no time frame. But the war which already allows us to say with certainty that Ukraine cannot be defeated. Especially when she has such friends like Denmark.
Tak, Danmark. Mange tak!



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