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H.M. Kong Frederik X's tale ved Grand Opening

Dennis Stenild, Kongehuset ©



H.M. Kong Frederik X
Konge af Danmark





H.M Kong Frederiks første officielle udtalelse siden tronskiftet.


I am delighted to return to Poland and to be present here today at the Grand Opening of the Official visit of Denmark to Poland.
The ties between our countries have a long history. Diplomatically, culturally, commercially. But since my last visit in 2019, the world as we knew it has changed.
Serious challenges are facing us:  Russia’s war in Ukraine. Energy security issues. Increased tensions in the Middle East.
The consequences from these global crises, that are unfolding as we speak, are immense. But they have brought our two nations closer together: the relation between Poland and Denmark is stronger than ever. 
Fighting climate change will further strengthen our ties. Renewable energy, sustainable production and new technology are at the core of our shared vision for the future: a safe and thriving world for future generations. 
This vision is only possible if we transform the way we utilise the world’s natural resources and intensify our focus on sustainable production and consumption behaviour. This will lead to great opportunities for businesses and for new partnerships between our countries.
The CEO’s of some of the world’s leading companies will during the official visit address these challenges through innovation and transformation of their products, methods and services. 
The need for decarbonisation and establishment of sources of green energy is essential. 
We can make better use of the energy we already have by improving energy efficiency, for example in buildings, industrial facilities and cities. 
Our agricultural sector can be more climate-friendly, by adding biogas and bio methane energy into the energy mix.
In Denmark, we have for many years been working in public-private partnerships to develop renewable technologies in areas such as energy efficiency, biogas and methane, but also offshore wind, onshore energy sources, and establishment of reliable transmission systems for electricity and gas.
Poland and Denmark have worked closely together on many of these areas for several years.
In the next few days, we will deepen our collaboration on further outlining decarbonisation strategies.
I look very much forward to following this dialogue and to engage with you during the next days. I encourage that we share both Polish and Danish experiences with one another to our mutual benefit. I hope to see partnerships between Danish and Polish businesses further deepen and grow. Because in the face of crisis - partnerships and cooperation between friends have never been more important
With these words, I wish you a fruitful next couple of days. I am convinced that the partnerships between our countries will continue to flourish in the years to come.




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