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H.K.H. Kronprins Frederiks tale ved COP28

Dennis Stenild, Kongehuset ©







Ladies and gentlemen
A very good morning to all of you. 
I just had a small introduction to the Denmark Pavilion, and it serves as a great example of what we are capable of back home when it comes to innovative solutions in the green transition. So if you haven’t done it yet – give yourself time to dive into the interactive stuff going on behind me.
Today, the focus is on multilevel action and transport. Shipping is a key pillar. 
As one of our largest and most important businesses, shipping is similarly a key pillar in the Danish economy.
While the industry for years was seen as one of the last frontiers within the green transition, we are now witnessing global momentum.
This summer, the global shipping industry adopted a landmark agreement to reach net zero around 2050.
In Denmark, the world’s first e-methanol ship, Laura Mærsk, recently departed on her maiden journey from the Port of Copenhagen.
Green corridors are in the making. Ports and shipowners are triggering big and bold investments by putting pressure on their supply chains.
These are just some of the positive movements to build upon as we prepare for the next generation of global shipping.
In this regard, the Danish shipping industry has shown readiness to take leadership and move solutions from lab to market.
As a small open economy, Denmark has a long maritime history and heritage. As a maritime nation, we are amongst the largest.
Every fifth minute, a Danish-operated ship calls at a port somewhere in the world.
Every day, the Danish fleet keeps world trade flowing and contributes to global connections.
Today, 90% of world trade is carried by sea. International shipping represents 3% of the global greenhouse gas emissions.
By successfully decarbonising shipping, we are promoting our fight against climate change, but we are also creating new business models, new industries, and thousands of new jobs.
From oil and gas extraction in the North Sea to pioneering commercial wind power, the Danish shipping industry brings forward 50 years of hands-on experience in performing complex operations at sea in all conditions.
As the saying goes, "a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor". But when the storm comes, we all find trust in having a proven partner.
As such, I hope today’s events will contribute to new partnerships and even stronger alliances in seeking to decarbonise the world fleet.
I wish you all an inspiring event and a fruitful COP28. 
Thank you.




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