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Charlotte Wrangbergs tale ved reception for NATO's 75-årsjubilæum

Kristian Pohl/Regeringskansliet



Charlotte Wrangberg
Sveriges ambassadør til Danmark





Speaker Søren Gade, The Presidium of the Danish Parliament, Members of Parliament, ambassadors, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends.
It’s a great honour to be here today and to address you all. Thank you for the opportunity. Thank you all for being here at the Parliament's reception given on NATO’s 75th Anniversary and the membership of Finland and Sweden of the Alliance.
As our PM Ulf Kristersson said the day he presented Sweden’s instrument of accession in Washington.
This is an epoch-making step for our country, but at the same time a natural one. After more than 200 years of non-participation in military alliances, Sweden has taken the step to become part of the Western defence community. Together, we are stronger and more secure.
Two years have now passed since Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, and President Putin has not achieved any of his goals – on the contrary.
Through the support of the international community, Ukraine daily demonstrates its impressively strong will to defend itself, and everyone’s right to not be invaded and oppressed by countries like Russia. 
Instead of succumbing to Russia’s demands for a veto on other countries’ self-determination, NATO has been reinforced with both Sweden and Finland.
Public support for Sweden in NATO is strong, and a broad majority of the Parliament supports the decision.
The core of NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty which is based on the UN Charter, including the right to self-defence and the right to help other countries at their request. 
NATO membership is therefore a natural continuation of a long tradition of Swedish international engagement.
Sweden joined NATO’s Partnership for Peace 30 years ago. And we have had our own delegation at NATO Headquarters in Brussels for more than 15 years.
Sweden has taken part in all major NATO peace operations. Thousands of Swedish soldiers have served under NATO command in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Afghanistan.
Our cooperation with the United States has also deepened over the years. NATO membership is the logical continuation of the security policy that Sweden has, in practice, pursued for many decades.
With Sweden and Finland as NATO members, the Nordic countries now have a common defence for the first time in 500 years. We are no longer only good and close neighbours. We are allies. 
And our NATO membership is not only about receiving support from others; it is also about providing support to others. We will contribute our unique defence capabilities – on land, in the air, and on and below the sea.
We are now preparing and doubling Sweden’s defence budget to more than two per cent of GDP. We are increasing the number of conscripts, we are strengthening civil defence and we are reactivating civilian service.
We are grateful for the security assurances that many countries, not least the Nordics, gave us during the sensitive period between application and membership. This provided us with security in times of insecurity.
We are grateful for the support from Denmark and the Danish government. Thank you also for the sharing of experience. We will never forget your support.



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